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Greetings from Holland

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1 Greetings from Holland on Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:24 pm

Hello Dornblüth & Sohn forum,

Let me introduce myself; I am Paul and I live in Holland.

I got hooked on the Dornblüth brand in 2003. Hugo, a good friend of mine who is also a watch nut, was one of the first or maybe even THE fist to get a Dornblüth in our country. He was bold enough to order it directly online by Dirk without even having seen one in the flesh. Well, when I saw Hugo’s 99.0 for the first time in real life, oh boy I was knocked over. Pretty soon thereafter I ordered a 99.1, also straight at Dirk’s shop.

Making my six months-plus waiting time harder was when Hugo and I paid a visit to Dirk’s shop in Kalbe in 2004. There we got the full German hospitality treatment with spending a day with Dirk’s family. Joined by father Dieter Dornblüth we talked about nothing but watches. We got the tour through the tiny workshop where Dirk let us see all of his special tools and he demonstrated several steps of the assembly process of a caliber. He explained the ‘Genfer Streifen’ ‘Wolkenschliff’ and ‘Zonnenschliff’ and he also showed the impossible small gear wheels of the power reserve indicator gear.
He showed us several ‘ready to ship’ watches, mind you we certainly didn’t touch any of those, and there I saw how beautiful the blue dialed 99.2 was. It was then that Dirk also laid out the plans and a prototype case of the 38mm model, the later 04.0, or Midi.

So later at home I changed my order to a 99.2 with blue dial in Stainless steel and impressed with all the beautiful watches Dirk showed us I decided on ordering a 38mm too! When I later mentioned my ‘let’s do something crazy’ buying action to Hugo he laughed and said he ordered a 38mm as well.

When my 99.2 was in production Dirk asked me what my preference for a serial number was. Having the choice for a number onwards from #102, I opted for #104. Later, by the way much later, in fact 18months later, when the 04.0 went into production, Hugo and I had first choice for our serial numbers as we were the first ones to have ordered an 04.0. Number 1 obviously was for ‘The Master’ Dirk himself, so Hugo choose #02 and I choose #04.

These numbers 0 and 4 became sort of a of thread for my Dornblüth watches; my 99.2 has got #104, I ordered the 04.0 in 2004, for my 40th birthday, it got serial number #04 and now both watches run 4 seconds a day slow. So there you go.

It’s a beautiful set I have and I wear them regularly with much joy.
Here’s one of my first attempts of a picture of the two brothers.
The cropping on this webpage seems strange to me, oh well.




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2 Fantastic! on Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:45 pm


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your story and your fabulous photograph. I think you know, better than most, how the chance to have a direct relationship with Dirk and his team make Dornblüth ownership such a special experience.


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3 Re: Greetings from Holland on Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:38 pm

Hi Paul and welcome ... I'm a recent recruit here too ... Good photos you have posted ...



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