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A little late in registering.....

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1 A little late in registering..... on Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:51 am

The summer has been especially busy and I have been a bit slow in registering. I think I can be called a fan of the brand. Over the past couple of years I have owned a few Dornblueths and presently have three, a Rose Gold 99.2, a Rose Gold 4.0 and a 99.3 in SS. This picture below shows my first Dornblueth. It was also my first gold watch.

Some personal comments....
* The 99.2 is my favorite movement. To me, it offers a unique dial layout as well as the PR complication which I think goes hand in hand with a manual wind. It was also my first, so it's the one I most associate with the brand.
* My favorite combination is a Rose Gold case with the silver dial and blued hands. While my favorite, I do find the SS get more wrist time, being more versatile. I would also like to try a black dial version, but I have not seen one of those in person.
* I prefer the simplicity of the printed dial, albeit I do like both combinations. I think the applied or raised arabics go particularly well with the simpler dials, albeit I have the reverse.
* The movements all have a different feel. The 99.2 is the lightest with the best feel to wind, followed by the 99.3. The 99.1 (previous), at least mine, was louder with a more mechanical feeling. It definitely gave the impression of being rugged and less luxurious. The 4.0 on the other hand winds very quietly, but it doesn't provide the same tactile feeling of the other models IMO. I might try the larger crown on that one if that remains an option down the road. I find it particularly interesting on how they all have their own feel.
* In terms of setting the time, all them with the exception of the 99.3 have a very nice light feel. The 99.3 is noticeably firmer and a little less smooth. I assume it's just the normal variance associated with that movement. Overall, I have found all my Dornblueths to be reliable and good time keepers. Hopefully, it stays that way.

Overall, I find the brand especially appealing. For me, Dornblueths offer a charm that very few other brands have, providing a simple and distinctive look with the nuances of hand finishing. I don't know of any other brand that provides that type of combination at a similar price point. I think I will always have at least one close by. Best regards.

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2 Welcome! on Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:37 pm


Thanks for contributing! I appreciate your great photo and your feedback on your impressive Dornblüth collection.


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